Como pode ser visto na foto de hoje (lado esquerdo da foto) esta sim é a foto original da que foi colocada no outro dia apenas da pequena flor com a teia de aranha.

Desta forma consegue-se mesmo entender o quanto, por mais pequena que seja, uma alteração altera o conceito de uma fotografia, e a ideia que esta dá para a pessoa que a vê, levantando a eterna questão, photoshop sim ou não?



As it can be seen in today’s photo (left side) this photo is the original of the posted the other day of the small flower with the spiderweb.

In this way we can get an understanding of how much a small change in the photo can change it’s whole idea, taking us to the eternal question…. photoshop yes or no and with what restrictions?


6 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Ah, the Photoshop question. My opinion is of course to make what changes you see fit, to make the image what you want it to be. It’s art; you are the artist. Great shot!!

  2. I like this image. Just showing the flower in it’s natural environment. I don’t like tons of Photoshop on my photos, but to each his own to whatever his/her artistic vision is. Lovely flowers, and I really like this post to, Filipe!

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