E a foto de hoje vai um pouco contra o que se costuma ver… normalmente neste tipo de fotos são as rosas a dar o colorido à foto, no entanto neste caso enverdei pelo caminho oposto utilizando nos adereços a cor e rosas negras. O resultado conseguido agradou-me pelo que aqui apresento a foto.


In today’s photo i go against what is usually seen… usually in this kind of photo the roses are what gives the colouring to it, but instead in this particular photo i went in the opposite direction, using the other props to give the colour with the black roses. The final result pleased me and so i present you the photo.




5 thoughts on “Roses

  1. Very interesting. Those straight lines are so opposed to the curve of the rose and the leaves, that it is just fascinating to look at. And the roses look kind of like they’re in jail. Cool image! 🙂

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